keyrings & fridge magnets

Fridge magnets - Shakespearean insults £2.95 each

12057MAG "Better strangers"

12059MAG "clay-brained guts"

12062MAG "more conversation"
12061MAG "brain in elbows"

12058MAG "four of five wits"

12063MAG "stewed prune"

12064MAG "tartness of his face"

12060MAG "not worth sunburning"

Fridge magnets - music quotes £2.95 each

12074MAG B minor mass
12068MAG Beethoven Sonatas
12067MAG C major
12069MAG First requirement

12075MAG laundry list 
12065MAG music & cats

12066MAG music expresses

12073MAG music hath charms

12071MAG pay no attention

12070MAG scoundrel Brahms

12071MAG silence between

12076MAG without music

Fridge magnets - Musical Angels £2.95 each
12117MAG Musical Angels 1
Hans Memling - LH panel
12118MAG Musical Angels 2
Hans Memling RH panel
12119MAG Musical Angels 3
Jan van Eyck - viol
12120MAG Musical Angels 4
Jan van Eyck - organ